Hario Filter-In Bottle Pale Grey + Yunomi Tea Glass Set

A set of Hario Filter-In Cold Brew Bottle and two Yunomi Glasses. 

Hario Cold Brew Tea Filter-In Bottle - 750 ml - Pale Grey:

This bottle is a new way to prepare delicious and refreshing tea.
The whole success is brewing tea leaves with cold water. Just pour your favorite tea, pour it over with cold water and put the bottle in the fridge. This brewing method allows for a smooth and rich flavor without hints of bitterness. The filter in the upper part of the bottle keeps leaves inside for a clear infusion.

It is also great for preparing flavored water -just add your favorite fruit instead of tea leaves.

The bottle is made of Japanese glass with a silicone top.

Capacity: 750 ml

Hario Yunomi - set of 2 tea cups 170 ml:

Made of the highest quality Japanese glass, they make an elegant decoration of any kitchen.

Yunomi has no handles, but the glass structure reduces temperature conduction, so you can fill them even with a hot brew and hold in your hands.

Each cup holds 170 ml of your favorite tea. Dishwasher safe.

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