“Who could resist undertaking such a rewarding endeavour?” …and so began the series of new challenges for TSUJIRI CHAHO and I.

2010 saw this century-old brand set sail and anchor in overseas markets marking the company’s most significant milestone in the company’s 150 years of operations since being founded in 1860.

Since then, TSUJIRI CHAHO has formed numerous alliances with business partners worldwide, marking a new chapter in our international ventures. TSUJIRI CHAHO will continue to grow drawing on the various encounters it has with other cultures and societies.

I often think deeply about how we can promote Japanese tea in countries and regions where people know nothing of our tea culture and I’ve concluded that communicating our brand’s values and the meaning of Japanese tea and matcha with our partners is the best way to do this, and thus our top priority.

It is our hope that with the help of our partners, and through interacting with a diverse range of cultures, TSUJIRI CHAHO can bring the spirit of tea drinking to customers all over the world. As such, inventing new ways to realize and communicate our beliefs with the customer is both a personal challenge for me and a necessary challenge for TSUJIRI CHAHO.


Shotaro Uchida

CEO of TSUJIRI Global Management Group