Strength of TSUJIRI

Going through multiple charms of Matcha and Japanese tea, TSUJIRI CHAHO continuously creates new topics and actively supports the development of attractive products to always find something fresh for our customers.

Diversified Products

With accumulated public praise of actual performance and rich experience for many years, TSUJIRI CHAHO carefully selected the highest grade of Matcha and Japanese tea to provide the top quality goods as our original intention and purpose.

Products Development

Seasonal new products including limited products not released in Japan during the period will be developed according to seasonality and regionality, causing visitors to feel different appearances of TSUJIRI CHAHO every time. 


TSUJIRI CHAHO faithfully presents specific and strongly sweet flavor of Matcha and Japanese tea in its exclusive private menu, so as to taste and experience various products in a wide range.


Based on the spirit of “Ichi-go Ichi-e” in the Japanese tea ceremony, TSUJIRI CHAHO adheres to the highest code of service to be considerate, understanding and wholehearted, expecting customers to feel the best tea-tasting experience.  


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